Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, Siena

Type: Stanza condivisa (29 ㎡) nel Casa
Prezzo €549
A disposizione 01-06-2024
indirizzo Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni
proprietà della casa/td>
Codice Postale 53100
città Siena

Descrizione * Erasmus in Siena! My name is Vittoria I'm 30 years old and I'm the owner of Villa Socini. My Villa is an old Villa Liberty dated in the 1901, Liberty Style situated exactly in front of Porta Camollia, one of the safest and most popular area of Siena; crossing the street you getting through the wall of Siena you are immediately in the city center. Is also very convenient because it is just 7 minuts walking from the railway station and the Universit`a per stranieri ass well, which are both connected by an escalator that brings...

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Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni